GoodData Analytics Platform Consulting

Tomáš Jirotka Independent GoodData Consultant


GoodData is the world’s leading cloud business intelligence provider. GoodData software helps internet services vendors or similar organisations gain better insights into their business and share the experience with their clients to improve their decision making and enterprise performance.


We are able to guide you through the GoodData product architecture to design the solution that will fit to your needs. Starting with client goals we work to develop a roadmap that maximises the value of GoodData platform for your application users.

Analytical Projects

They are the heart of all GD platform implementations, as they are used to consolidate, aggregate and organise data from many sources into structured information repository. We can provide you experience in logical data model design in consideration of data loading performance and analytical use cases.


Dashboards present the actual value for majority of end customers. They are the most visible product, still there are usually a lot of work behind them. We can facilitate dashboard creation by providing powerful tips for metrics, and sharing our experience with advanced functions.

How I Can Help You

I have been working with GoodData since 2010. I started there as a research engineer on the new analytical query engine project. In short time I became “MAQL master”, helping customers creating and debugging their reports and metrics. Together with my colleagues we have developed dozens of best practices, tricks and work-arounds to satisfy our customer needs. Debugging MAQL metrics and reports has became my passion.


Building MAQL metrics, reports and dashboards for $149 per hour. We offer discounts for VIP customers.

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Do not hesitate and ask us for help with Your MAQL challenge! We speak English, French and Czech.